The aim of this guide is to provide information on the Heavy Tank class of tank and give World of Tanks players some info and tips of tactics and strategies useful to Heavy Tanks.

Description of Heavy TanksEdit

Heavy Tank

Heavy Tank in Combat

Heavy Tanks (heavies as they are often called) are big, slow tanks that have thick armour and powerful guns. They are often vital to an offensive as they are pretty much mobile fortresses and are very hard to kill. They are often targetted by artillery as they are priority targets. It often takes quite a lot of effort to kill them and usually requires more than one tank attacking them.

Differences to other tanksEdit

Unlike other classes they excel at close range combat as they deal large amounts of damage and can take lots of damage as well.

  • The main purpose of Heavy Tanks is usually to spearhead an offensive. They are very capable of leading a charge or attacking a hostile in cover.
  • Heavy Tanks need support from other tanks (possibly even from lower tier heavies) as they can get in trouble if attacked strongly, or from the side. i.e "flanking".
  • They often have a long reloading time, during which time they can be vulnerable to attack, so while reloading it is a good idea to take cover and then pop out to attack.
  • Heavies are generally (not always) not made for sniping, many have poor accuracy at long range. The Tiger and Tiger P are an exception as their gun are quite suitable for sniping and they can excel at sniping.
  • Heavy tanks that are very big and tall, don't camouflage as well as other smaller tanks, so they may be spotted earlier and more easily.
  • Many are too slow to retreat from a position back to the base so once you are on a flank you may have just stick with it, so be careful about where you go in a heavy.

Notable and Common ExamplesEdit

  • KV-1: This Soviet tank is very common in tier 5 & 6 matches, it is quite well armoured and has a powerful best gun.
  • KV-1S: This Soviet tank is extremely common in tier 6 & 7 matches as it is more mobile and sports a very powerful best gun. It does however have lighter armour.
  • Tiger: This German Heavy is very popular in tier 7 and up matches as it is one of the two lowest tier german heavies. It is also popular because of it's real life reputation.


Heavies are fairly popular among some players because of their strength. They have a lot of hitpoints and armour and therefore can take a lot of punishment. They also often have powerful guns that deal out a lot of damage and have high amounts of penetration. They are best put to use in close combat leading a charge or offensive.