• Never go alone, unless you are supposed to!
  • Always have an eye on the minimap. It is often used to convey important information like enemy routes or artillery targets.
  • Do not forget to zoom out of Sniper mode as long as you reload or just drive. Having an overview of your surroundings is critical.
  • If you try to lure your enemies into a trap, be sure your allies know your plan.
  • Always angle your tank towards the enemy, this increases the chance of ricochets.
  • Never drive in front of an allied tank that is about to fire.
  • Never sit right behind an ally in a shootout as they may need to retreat.
  • Shooting reveals your position, don't shoot randomly.
  • When attcking multiple enemies, target the most dangerous one first, although in a hopeless situation shoot tanks you can damage.
  • Don't ram allies, you will either damage them (and get a fine) or get damaged.