Prohorovka Map

The aim of this guide is to give a brief description of the map 'Prokhorovka' and some common and useful strategies on this map.

Description of ProkhorovkaEdit

Prokhorovka is a mostly open map with numerous hills and many clumps of trees. Near the middle of the map is a railway track that runs down the whole map. It has three crossings, one in the middle and one at both the top and bottom of the the map. Across the railway is a small village overlooked by a large hill.

Game Mode DescriptionsEdit

Standard BattleEdit

In a standard battle the bases are 1 and 2 as shown in the image. In a standard battle it can be a good idea if you are in a fairly fast tank to cross the railway and head down the flank (this would work well with 2 or 3 mediums as they would be quite fast, but still have enough armour to fight effectively) to attack their flank and rear. Light tanks also commonly go down the flanks and attack your team's arty (artillery). There is often a main offensive down the middle, hiding on the low side of the hills while reloading and popping up to shoot is a tactic which could work well.


In assault the defending base is in the village and the defenders start on the hill overlooking the village. The focus of the battle is usually on the attackers trying to get across the crossing and attack the base. It is a hard map for the attackers as even if they survive the crossing they tend to get shot at by hidden defenders on the hill. It is very common to have a couple of tanks from both teams sitting on their respective sides of the railway, waiting for an opportunity to cross. It is very important for arty to do their job well and hit the enemy when they're spotted.


Prokhorovka is an open map with little cover other than hills, trees and intermittent rocks. Clumps of trees make a good hiding spot for TDs (Tank Destroyers). Personally I don't like attacking on Prokhorovka as it is a mpa which favours the defenders.

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